Dream Drawings Project: A Dream A Day/A Drawing A Day

(A daily project of dream inspired drawing)

The joy of creating directly and indirectly from dreams is something I have experienced on many occasions, so it was easily decided to start creating a series of dream-inspired drawings: a new one for every new day.


I started this series on Jan. 1st 2019, to keep a creative flow, while I search for new workspace to continue my larger sized projects. 


By May I came to realise how difficult it is to consistently post a drawing every single day. Does that bother me? A little bit. But a series of over 100 drawings is still a series of over 100 drawings. 


Please click on any of the photos to see the full drawing.

A selection of these drawings are currently shown as single artist's proof prints, at Huis der Zotheid in Rotterdam. For more information, see my homepepage.