Alleen in mijn gedachten kan ik dromen

(Only in my reflections, can I dream)


A sleeping woman is painted on the cover of this wooden box; her feet stick out from under the blanket, her one hand half covers the title of the poetry collection Slauerhoff's original line can be found in, titled "Serenade".

Inside the box lies a small bundle of poetry, made of bedlinnen (the pages) and a woollen blanket (the cover). On the sheets of bedlinen I wrote poems in Dutch and English, which were inspired by my own dreams.

The title for this work was inspired by the first line of a poem by famous Dutch poet J.J. Slauerhoff. By replacing 

just three letters, the line's meaning changed entirely, while still echoing the literary rhythm and sound of the original poem.

This work was made in response to a call for artists, who all received a wooden box of the same size, to work on for a literary themed exhibition in Een Bunder Kunst, in 's Heer Arendskerke, The Netherlands.

Size (outside): 33 x 24 x 4,5 cm

Materials: MDF, acrylic paint, varnish, blanket, cotton, writing ink

The lid shows a woman sleeping, her one hand half covering a poetry book


Video: Alleen In Mijn Gedachten Kan Ik Dromen, outside and inside

One of the poems:

The Poetess

The Poetess speaks her words of wonder

Standing on top of a mighty hill

Her black flowing dress is long and wide

Her hair moves freely in the wind

Against the light of the setting sun

It seems like her dress and the hill are one.

The gestures she makes with her tiny arms 

Remind me of the waving legs of an insect.

But her words - and her feet!

Are larger than life.

Medicijn (Medicine) 


A wooden box, containing a necklace, a song and gold. It comes with instructions (in Dutch - English if desired) on how to work this medicine. 

The song, a free improvisation, was recorded in my studio. 

Size: 5 x 15 x 8 cm (h x l x w) 

Materials: wooden box, paint, velvet, organza, usb-stick, gold thread, latex, gold leaf (23.75 karat), paper.


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